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Why Ujimatec?

We focus on the construction industry and serve contractors & subcontractors across North America by providing best-in-class cloud-based, intuitive and value driven business management solutions. 

Dedicated to our customer’s success, we empower Accounting, Finance, Operations, and Executive teams with user-friendly, transparent & collaborative tools to get work done efficiently and effectively, on any device, anywhere, any time.

We have been in Construction & Software since the very beginning. Our founders started as a Construction Accountant and a Software Developer who teamed up to provide the best experience possible in Construction Management software.
Our customers have a dedicated team member who knows your solution and is responsible for driving your success with the solution. Acting as an extension to your team, your Account Manager offers full transparency and focuses on building customers for life.​
We understand that partnerships are critical for any business. As part of our philosophy and culture, we only work with software providers that are customer-focused, built on the cloud, and who have a high reputation for both product quality & success.
Our configurable & customizable solutions are designed, built, and implemented for construction, by construction. This allows us to focus on one industry, creating one solution, that unites one team to accomplish one goal.​
We are true cloud. This means that our solutions were designed and built from the ground up on cloud technology. Choose between cloud, private hosting, or an on-premise option, giving you the most flexibility.​
Our product teams are trained and certified annually in all solutions so we can keep providing the most up-to-date and top-quality services for your team. Motivated by customer ratings, our product specialists strive for your success.



Your Road To Success

Accounting, Finance & Business Intelligence is the backbone of any business.

It is critical to ensure that the backend of your business is running like a well-oiled machine, growing to scale and providing you with much-needed business insight. Your choice of software could potentially simplify these complex processes, ensure all required data points are collected and reportable, allow for automation of integrated data sources, and most importantly be accessible anywhere.

Our certified solution experts hold multiple requirements gathering sessions with Accounting, Finance & Operations to gain a solid understanding of your business. As customer success is critical to us, we help prospective customers to find the right solution, even if it is not an Ujimatec provided solution.
Project planning is critical to project success. Our clear & comprehensive project plans include the details of each module, by each deliverable, for each solution. This is to keep our projects delivered on time and within budget. ​
Ujimatec provides highly configurable solutions that our team tailors for your requirements and then performs thorough testing prior to release to users. Our configuration & customizations are performed in a phased approach to gain quick time-to-value. ​
Our training & onboarding methodologies enable members of your team to become Super Users. Offering both onsite and remote training, our certified professional services team assists with end-user adoption and builds a foundation of knowledge for your team.​
As your business grows, your processes and volumes change. By continuously optimizing the solution, we ensure that your system is always aligned with your objectives, contains the latest product features, and always allowing for scalability. ​​
Customizable support services are available for your unique needs, allowing for control of your annual support agreements. We want to set you up for success with your solution and keep growing our businesses together.​



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