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Our Mission

Your success is our mission


Streamline, automate and optimize all business processes

We see the world in a process-oriented way. Each goal, milestone, or activity we accomplish, we do it by following a process. It is our vision at Ujimatec to streamline, automate and optimize business management processes specifically within the construction industry.


Provide simple and powerful software tailored for the construction industry

Technology is an integral part of any company’s growth and success. Utilizing software can provide exhilarating benefits like simplified decision making, increased productivity, and can enhance analysis with more reliable data. It is Ujimatec’s mission to use best-in-class technology to reduce overhead & fuel growth for the construction industry.


Create and contribute to a community by providing innovative and value-driven solutions

We centralize our business around our customer’s success with technology. We are motivated by hearing stories of our solutions increasing productivity and profitability. We strive to assist others in their journey as they digitally transform their business into a collaborative mobile environment with the right data at their fingertips. Uniting your company with one software suite built for your industry, by your industry, provides the functionality that you need and eliminates complex software workarounds. We are Ujimatec and we work for you.

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