How Mobile Cloud ERP Can Transform Your Construction Business

In today’s rapidly changing world, technological developments play a major role. New devices, intuitive software, and various intelligent tools help us make our lives easier and more flexible. Novel and updated technology are especially important in the construction business environment because it is the only way to stay way ahead of the competition and generate solid revenues. 

One such innovation is mobile devices, which are now nearly ubiquitous in the workplace and at construction sites. Mobile software can enhance efficiency and offer easier access to data. Construction companies are quickly applying mobile technologies to simplify and automate the capture of information in the field and integrate the data back into company systems. 

Discover how a modern mobile cloud ERP can transform your construction business: 

Reduce costly delays

When delays occur in construction projects, it can cost millions of dollars in lost revenue for the company and negatively impact its reputation. 

Managers can use mobile delivery apps to organize and sync their operational activities. Using a mobile app, a construction manager in charge of various job sites can follow accurate & up-to-date costs across all projects and company operations— in the office or on the job site. The possibility to see real-time information and monitor multiple job sites via mobile technology can significantly decrease incidents and delays. Also, it allows the whole team to address a sudden problem quickly, develop an efficient solution and stay within timetable frames.

Collaborate in real-time

In the past, paper-based processes, such as timesheets or project tasks, had to be completed in the office, which caused efficient misalignment among project stakeholders. 

Today, cloud-based applications can streamline information between teams in the office and out on a job site. Changes made in the mobile app to items such as RFIs,

project issues, and timecards are updated and synced in the cloud ERP automatically, thus helping to ensure that the business will run smoothly. If you are not in the office and there is an important purchase order that needs to be approved to keep the project moving along, mobile ERP provides a distinct advantage. You can even set up an alert and have the approval waiting for you. Mobile apps help to unite your team, increase collaboration and work on tasks together to achieve better results. 

Increase accountability

Without mobile technology, the back office will have no clue what the field workers are doing until they come in and do paperwork at the end of the day. This can result in a lack of accountability in a culture. 

Construction mobile application allows project managers to track time spent on-site and to keep better time cards that will save on labor costs. With current updates and notifications, the data entered on a smartphone, tablet, or PC in the field will immediately feed into the back-office accounting system. With workflow capabilities, the finance department can review and approve data, such as payroll, before updating the system. Meanwhile, an employee can easily capture expenses on their smartphone and send them to their supervisor for approval, saving time and ensuring that their expenses will be paid on time. 

Enhance data accuracy

Inaccurate data can lead to false forecasting, wasted time, money, and valuable resources. 

Construction companies using mobile cloud ERP report considerable improvements in data accuracy. Employees can enter data quickly and share it effortlessly with other people in the organization. Mobile technology can decrease or eliminate possible mistakes by reducing the need for redundant data entry. When data is precise, it increases productivity and brings confidence to make smart decisions while also helping to avoid costly mistakes. 

Increase visibility

It is impossible to maintain control of your business, manage employees efficiently, and make intelligent business decisions if you do not have clear visibility of your company.

With mobile ERP, you can track business operations across different work departments and locations right from your mobile device, anywhere, and anytime. Mobile apps provide you with the possibility to customize documentation and create reports in the field. In this case, anticipating demand and planning business processes accordingly becomes easier. A mobile ERP app will gather valuable information from different points and provide real-time data to keep you informed about what is currently happening.

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