Why We Partnered With Acumatica

In order to drive the business forward, it is important to have professional partners that share similar values. A solid partnership allows a firm to grow quicker and also to achieve higher, bigger scale goals that would be difficult to reach alone. Software solutions company Ujimatec is on a mission to bring innovative business management software to Accounting, Finance & Executive teams within the construction industry. We have partnered with Acumatica, a progressive technology provider of cloud-based software, to achieve that prospective goal together. 

Despite many other companies that create enterprise resource planning & business management software solutions, we have specifically chosen Acumatica as our partner due to the following fundamental benefits.


Founded in 2008, Acumatica has gained the trust of companies across many different industries and countries. Customers all over the world enjoy a friendly interface and easy usage of their cloud software, subsequently, leaving positive reviews about services. Additionally, the company is a Winner of the Fastest Growing ERP solution 7 years straight.

Ease of Use

While running a business, it may be challenging to keep all working processes clear and organized. Acumatica is one of the most intuitive products that we have identified on the market, providing its customers with a highly adaptive, user-friendly, cloud-based business management software solution for midmarket businesses.


One of the biggest advantages of Acumatica is its unique pricing model which is based on a customer’s needs and requirements. Instead of paying for each added user, customers pay only for the computing resources that they actually utilize. Acumatica’s flexible licensing plans allow the workforce, vendors & customers to log in to the solution concurrently and without experiencing any additional costs.


Acumatica’s cloud software allows its clients to customize many different configurations in order to make it suit more robust & unique requirements. Moreover, everyone from your business can access data anytime, anywhere, on any device. This contributes to making better business decisions backed up with real data and real scenarios.

Ujimatec & Acumatica are both future-orientated companies that share similar business objectives. Serving our industries with amazing customer experiences and adaptable cloud and mobile based technology. Contact our team today to find out how Ujimatec, powered by Acumatica, could help fuel your business growth.

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