The Importance of Financial Management

While starting or running a construction business, financial management is critically important for business owners and managers. While everyday business decisions are made, it is imperative that cash flow, profit, financial statements, investment opportunities, etc. are carefully analyzed. Financial managers ensure tight financial control, make precise calculations of the capital required for the company, form the capital structure, allocate profits, and manage money efficiently.

Why is financial management a necessity in every construction business?

👉 Enhances the overall value of the company 

👉 Provides support in making necessary financial decisions 

👉 Ensures economic stability & minimizes costly risks 

👉 Assists companies in financial planning & acquisition of funds 

Ujimatec’s Construction Business Management Software (CBMS) is here to assist you! Our robust and intuitive financial management module includes top-notch accounting applications which allow you to manage your whole company on one platform. Empower your managers with connected project accounting & customer management. Stay ahead by outperforming your competitors.

Key benefits Ujimatec’s Financial Management module will bring you:


⭐ Create quick reports & queries without any programming experience 

⭐ Drill down within reports to obtain detailed journal transactions 

⭐ Connected data across the entire system, across all devices


⭐ Have deeper insights with integrated pivot tables, reporting, business intelligence, dashboards, and generic inquiries 

⭐ Align actual costs beside you budget and forecasts for optimal performance tracking

⭐ Slice and dice financial data by department, product, or any user-defined dimensions using sub-accounts and account segmentations


⭐ Reach international markets with cloud multicurrency, multi-language, and multi-company possibilities 

⭐ Integrate financials across multiple business entities with automated intercompany and interbranch transactions

⭐ Automate payments, reporting, consolidation, cash management and other transactions using automation schedules

If you are looking for a business management solution that allows you to accomplish more and obtain insights that help you drive better business performance, check out some more information on our solution page here.

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