Build Better Wherever You Are

Construction is one of the oldest industries in the world and it is critical to civilization. Over thousands of years, architects and construction specialists have put a lot of time and effort to design, build & perfect houses, factories, hospitals, farms and more crucial infrastructure that humanity now relies on. New buildings also create vivid cities with engaging amusements, business offices, new work placements, and more places to live. With time, those buildings create the culture of a country and stay in history. 

The construction industry is considered to be one of the major sources of countries’ economies and development. Construction generates employment, contributes to infrastructure and commerce. 

However, construction businesses often underestimate the power that software applications can enable, thus can staying behind competition, even if they have talented workers and prospective projects. 

Whether you are a land developer, home builder, general contractor, subcontractor, specialty contractor, or project manager – you can count on Ujimatec’s Construction Business Management Solution (CBMS) to handle accounting, project management, payroll, inventory, CRM, and mobile – in one cohesive solution.


Minimize risks, manage finances easily and get the most out of your project profitability. Ujimatec’s CBMS allows you to accurately forecast and manage profits,  job costs, cash and taxes.


Make smarter, strategic decisions based on real-time precise data. Easily manage and monitor all day-to-day business activities, change orders, new issues, project documents, and job costs from one central platform. 


Inventory management made simple. Maintain a wide range of inventory to manage your resources & materials efficiently and without missing track of costs. Effortlessly control inventory delivered to your project with the flexibility of using project sites as distribution hubs. 


Payroll has never been so easy. Being managed in-house, it simplifies the payroll setup, processing, and reporting. Give your employees access to enter time from anywhere eliminating late time cards, costly mistakes and duplicated data entry.


Get the work done quicker & easier. Let your employees have the flexible ability to work from a mobile device or tablet wherever they are.


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