How to Use Business Intelligence and Real-time Reporting to Gain a Competitive Edge

In today’s business world, many construction companies struggle to accurately determine the root causes behind declining productivity, rising costs, or stagnant growth. To solve the issue, they implement analytical tools that are rarely enough to instantly diagnose operational issues, discover trends, and catch opportunities. 

Ujimatec’s Construction Business Management Solution (CBMS) includes a customizable reporting engine and business intelligence tool that shows real-time company health analysis and personalized key performance indicators (KPIs) on each user’s homepage. 

With all data originating from one integrated database, Ujimatec’s CBMS reports place every team member on the same page while applying role based access to ensure secured data. Employees can retrieve the required information to achieve better results. Let your team use personalized dashboards and keep tasks moving. 

Here are robust reporting tools that maximize business flexibility & management:

Standard Reports and Templates

Brings users the ability to quickly run reports on vitally important data and define actual reporting parameters. A standard look ensures overall consistency and stability in reporting. 

Multiple Formats

Users can create reports in HTML, PDF, Excel, or Word formats and share them internally within Ujimatec’s or externally via email. To gain additional analysis, users can easily export their reports to third-party tools, or better yet, directly integrate with them.

Generic Inquiry

Enables teams to gather information with educated suggestions across numerous diverse modules. This data can be applied to build widgets that monitor particular criteria, such as open customer change requests, available inventory, sales numbers per salesperson, region, and product.

Customizable Wiki

Assists with documenting business processes and educating employees about system applications and features. When increasing your employees’ understanding of your system, business, and services, they can grow their knowledge achieve their work goals more efficiently. 

Multi-dimensional Reporting

Separates all data by specific criteria or dimensions, such as a account, location, project, department, etc. Subsequently, workers can estimate information from various perspectives, notice patterns, determine exceptions, and find root causes. Build financial reports in a few simple steps with NO CODE!

Report Designer

Possibility to access data and generate forms like invoices & pick lists. Users are empowered with the ability to preview reports and alternate between design and preview mode. All reports are processed under Ujimatec’s CBMS data security rules and support customization. This powerful tool allows your company to develop robust customized reporting. 

Personalized Homepage

Being presented in colourful, easy-to-digest formats, personalized dashboards reduce employees’ frustration and increases their comfortable work conditions. Users can not only view pending tasks and KPIs but also click through to understand causes and take action—all from their homepage.

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