Technologies Help the Construction Industry to Overcome the Covid Crisis

The last two years were a big challenge for many industries across the whole world. For some businesses, such as air companies and restaurants, it was an especially difficult time. The construction industry had major difficulties with sourcing basic materials, shipping methods, and high demand for labor. Whilst, many online businesses like Amazon experienced rapid growth: Amazon’s profits increased as much as 200% during the covid pandemic. It is noticeable that now during the economic recovery from the coronavirus crisis, there is a tendency to move towards technologies that make processes like sales, advertising, communication, and manufacturing easier. Due to this, construction businesses seek efficient software to stay competitive. 

Let’s explore the effects coronavirus brought to the construction industry and how technology has helped. 

Remote work 

Numerous lockdowns caused remote work in the construction field and all employees have to adopt that completely new way of working. Companies are trying to manage the business processes remotely and also keep all staff connected. It can be especially tough without the right tools. 

The perfect solution for this issue is modern software that can assist you with gaining full visibility of your business. Technologies that allow Employees from different departments to stay connected and have access to the same up-to-date information gives you that leading edge.

Increased demand for labor 

The pandemic led to numerous labor shortages in the construction industry. The lack of skilled workers on-site can decrease overall productivity and also cause costly delays. 

In order to avoid this, companies can use special platforms allowing them to connect with specific and qualified workers to complete both long and short-term projects. Additionally, these platforms can provide your company with the possibility to add or remove potential employees based on its project demands. 


One of the key roles in the construction industry nowadays is innovation. The coronavirus is causing a constantly growing reliance on construction technologies. Companies are now utilizing special drones to capture aerial footage, map large areas from distance and to review project progress. On some occasions, they can also enhance safety measures and replace a human worker when it is required to climb extremely high structures. Other innovations are augmented reality and modeling technologies, providing customers with 3-D visualization of future projects. Software developers keep creating innovative products for construction companies, bringing new possibilities to the industry. 

Construction Management Software 

Efficient construction management software has become a necessity to stay competitive in the current market and build a future-oriented business. Thanks to software, it is possible to operate accounting, finance, payroll, project management, budgeting and much more, all on one single platform. In this way, all business processes can be organized and connected, which enhances the overall collaboration between teams. Using modern construction management software, a firm obtains increased productivity and a competitive advantage over its rivals with a tool available anywhere, anytime and on any device. 

The majority of contractors use mainly outdated software solutions limiting what can be achieved in today’s industry. Don’t get left behind. Let Ujimatec empower you with intuitive and value-driven software providing collaborative tools for accounting, operations, and executive management teams to get work done efficiently, without delays. 

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