Ujimatec’s Software: 5 Key Benefits for Controllers and CFO’s

Being Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or Controller, you know that operations, controls, leadership, and strategy are the key main features of this role. To make accurate, reasonable financial decisions, you need the possibility to have quick access to needed data. In this job position, risk reduction is an essential component leading to success. One of the most important concerns for CFOs are revenue, execution, skilled labor shortages, and growth. Flexible and secure accounting controls, audit history, and dashboards all help you succeed with your financial & business strategies. 

Top 5 Benefits Controllers and CFOs receive from Ujimatec’s cloud Software: 

👉 Easily pay subcontractors, issue joint checks, and stay compliant with project accounting 

Ujimatec’s software, tailored for the construction industry, will empower you with a powerful toolkit allowing you to create requisitions, issue contracts, and manage compliances. Being integrated with subcontracts helps to simplify projects and expedites joint check management. 

👉 Be proactive and manage risk with financial planning & analysis 

As Controller or CFO, you are responsible for a company’s financial future, therefore it is especially important to be able to reduce potential risks that may occur. Progressive cloud software will assist you with the mitigation of financial risks by supplying you with transparent and highly configurable tools for financial planning & analysis. 

👉 Simplify your day with accounting workflows & approval processes 

Accounting workflows are critical when companies are planning growth and becoming more proactive. Automate the time-consuming tasks, providing you with more time to focus on other critical items. With Ujimatec’s software, you will be able to simplify complex workflows, distribute reporting and data collection templates while maintaining full control over your business. 

👉 Close early with fast month and year-end closing procedures 

Financial close procedures encompass the overall accounting cycle, ending up with generating financial statements for a month or a year with various types of key performance indicator analysis. Empowered with innovative construction management software, you can finish month or year closing procedures early. 

👉  Have relief with robust user security, data controls & audit trails 

As technologies become a necessity in most businesses, security has moved to the forefront, being a vitally important component of the software development lifecycle. You can count on Ujimatec’s cloud software that ensures excellent data controls, audit trails, and provides screen, role, project, branch & company user access settings. 

Bringing Ujimatec software to your business can enhance its profitability, productivity, and motivation at work. We unite teams, centralize operations and provide you with value-driven solutions. Let’s get to know each other more! Contact us today to find out more details about your future software.

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