Time Management for Your Construction Company

Time Management for Your Construction Company

Have you ever felt that you cannot catch up on the tasks to your to-do list? As a result, feeling totally overwhelmed while being swamped with work? To avoid this, time management is needed: the main tool that helps us stay organized. Our resources, such as forces and time, are not unlimited and people have to be able to manage them carefully. 

Time management will assist with:

⌚ Prioritizing your tasks

Construction is a fast-paced environment with a vast variety of day-to-day tasks to accomplish. Additional responsibilities are often unexpectedly introduced leaving you feeling overwhelmed with multiple activities to accomplish in a limited time. Prioritizing tasks provides the ability to focus on what is important and reduce the stress of the unknown. A good methodology to accomplish this is the Eisenhower’s Urgent/Important Principle which helps you quickly identify the activities that you should focus on, as well as the ones you should ignore. 

⌚ Organizing & delivering work on time

Creating a detailed project plan with a corresponding schedule sets expectations across all levels of the project but most importantly, it can provide solid support adhering to timelines, especially if combined with weekly or bi-weekly project status meetings. 

In the construction industry, time management is vitally important because all processes within the  business include numerous deadlines that have to be met with many different teams that have to work collaboratively. It can be compared with an anthill, with numerous individuals working on one entire project. If something did not go according to the plan, everyone in the business chain would have to wait, thus losing precious time. 

Ujimatec’s Construction Business Management Solution (CBMS) can equip your business with accurate & intelligent time management tools. Capture employee or crew time for projects, services, and payroll with mobile time entry and a flexible approvals workflow. Now it will be possible to easily capture and send time entries for approvals from any device, anytime. 

Explore the main benefits of Ujimatec’s CBMS time management functions:

Native Time Capture

✅ Embedded and licensed in Ujimatec’s platform. No additional tool or system required, no integrated waiting periods or time-costly import/export processes. 

✅ Easily connects to all system areas, including service management, project accounting, GL, and payroll.

Approvals Workflow

✅ Automated alerts notify managers of new time activities, expenses and other transactions that require their approval. Effectively using these workflows in conjunction with the Mobile Application allows for time and expenses to be approved on the go within seconds.

✅ Helps managers be proactive and address issues as soon as possible. Rejected activities notify employees so as they can take appropriate action.

Project Integration

✅ Time entries flow through to project accounting for project costing and billing. Time entries can be marked as billable or non-billable then follow configured billing rules & rates for T &M, Progress and adhoc billing styles. 

✅ Mark time entries for certified jobs, identify union local details, and work class compensation codes. Get out of the world of double entry, manual data manipulation and streamline your payroll processing. 

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