Software Checklist to Transform Your Business

Accurate, real-time project data is vital when tracking materials status, managing time, and doing other duties during the whole project cycle. Having this insight, you can make smarter strategic decisions that will bring benefits to the completion of your project, and the overall business. On many occasions, running an organization with disconnected teams can result in delayed project updates, duplicated data entry, a higher risk of errors, and unnecessary costs. 

Choosing the right construction accounting software can help. Use this handy checklist to identify the perfect Construction Business Management Solution for your company’s requirements and needs.


Easy to use, takes little time to learn. Connects teams across your company, while providing them with real-time information, which encourages collaboration and improves accuracy.

Comprehensive Financials and Operational Reporting

Now your financial & operational reports will be timely, accurate and easily modified, contributing to your projects’ wellbeing.  Enjoy up-to-date costs of labor, material and equipment. 

Simplified Payroll

Processing, reporting, and payroll have never been so easy. Monitor labor rates for certified & union payroll projects and more. Automatic updates to projects, field service and pre-fabrication. 

Extensive Project Management

Effortlessly manage & track all day-to-day activities, issues, change orders, project documents, subcontracts, RFI’s, and job costs from one central area. Automated creation of RFIs, including emails with integrations to Microsoft Office 365, Outlook and Gmail.

Effective Retainage and Compliance

Track retainage effectively at the line level on AP and AR invoices. Users can define how much they want to release per project, task, cost code, and cost type. Record compliances and licenses on Vendors, Subcontracts, Projects and other records. 

Real-time Inventory and Equipment Control

Gain tight control over your inventory to manage distribution processes without losing track of costs. Manage inventory delivered to your project with the flexibility of using project sites as distribution hubs. Chargeback equipment to projects with run rates connected to depreciation schedules.  

Automated Order Management

Eliminate costly delays via automated sales order processing & shipping order generation. Set flexible rules to manage returns, shipments and more.

Streamlined Service Management

Increase customers’ satisfaction by streamlining processes, reducing response times and costs for field teams. Appointment setting, technician scheduling, route management with SMS notifications enhance field communications.

Customer Relationship Management

Current data on all customer activities, including customer contacts, leads, opportunities, quote management, orders, payments and service calls. 

Modern Software

Modern, cloud-based technology unites teams, increases collaboration, and organizes processes in your business. Grow with intuitive software to stay competitive among others in the construction market.

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