Why Did We Choose To Partner With Vivid Reports?

Thriving business can be built on standing out ideas, good leadership, marketing, customer relations, and so on. Meanwhile, to achieve high goals and absolute success, it is especially beneficial for a company to have the right partnerships. According to Ujimatec’s culture and philosophy, we cooperate with client-oriented software businesses that are built on a cloud and successfully provide quality products. One of our prosperous partners is Vivid Reports, a developer of business intelligence software solutions, that specializes in Corporate Performance Management and BI reporting tools.   

Check out the 3 main benefits of Vivid Reports that influenced our decision to partner; 


No more issues with compatibility. Vivid Reports lower technological barriers to make their software easy to implement and adopt. Currently, Vivid is fully integrated with at least 60 ERP systems. With their product, it is possible to work directly with Microsoft Excel and your system. Also, the software includes seamless reporting across multiple systems to overcome the challenge of getting a full picture from numerous reports from different data sources.


Imagine that you could build accurate and legible reports without asking for help? You do not have to be a programmer to use Vivid’s reporting and budgeting software. It has a user-friendly interface and makes it easy for you to create new reports and budget templates. In as little as 2 hours, a user can learn how it works and master report development. 


Excellent training and support services have built trust among Vivid Reports customers. The special support teams are always ready to assist and help you succeed. According to multiple reviews, customers from many different industries have a high satisfaction rate with Vivid Reports’ training program.

Together Ujimatec and Vivid Reports can optimize your construction business with the use of adaptable cloud-based technologies. You can contact us anytime to discover how Ujimatec’s solution, powered by Vivid Reports, could help your company. 

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