Why Ujimatec Partnered With Power BI

Partnerships are a crucial component for the growth of any business, which can bring new opportunities for both parties. American inventor Steve Jobs claimed that “Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people”. There are millions of companies in the world, and they operate better when connected as a team. It is also important to pick the right business partner that has similar core values and goals. For this reason, Ujimatec, the best-in-class construction software solutions company, is glad to announce its partnership with Power BI. 

Here are some top deciding factors for why Ujimatec made the decision to partner with Power BI;

Highly Renowned

This business analytic tool, created by a world-known Microsoft company, immediately inspires confidence in our customers. In less than 5 years, Power BI was used by over 150,000 organizations 97% of which are from Fortune 500. While using it, the companies were able to empower their employees and business partners to make efficient data-driven decisions.


Microsoft’s mission with Power BI is to serve customers creating a data-driven culture, assisting everyone with better decision-making abilities based on data. This business intelligence software is intuitive and provides customers with easy end-user adoption. One of the biggest advantages of Power BI is that it allows people with little to no programming background to build complex reporting & dashboards with minimal training.

Flexible & Scalable

This business intelligence tool provides clients with a wide range of different customizations for any taste, thus creating flexibility in use. Power BI allows companies to work with any accessible dataset and visualize data in various designs. Ujimatec’s construction management solution & construction finance solution directly integrates with Power BI providing transparent business insight on actuals, forecast & budget.

Innovative companies Power BI and Ujimatec both aim to simplify complex business processes for their customers, helping them operate more effectively.

“Ujimatec, bringing you accurate real-time data and accessibility from anywhere”

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