Finding the Right ERP Software for Cloud Construction Management

When looking to implement a cloud construction management solution, construction companies should understand the difference between generic and construction specific ERP software. A generic product is created to meet general customers’ requirements and can miss some certain industry capabilities. This can result in time-consuming and costly customizations. 

Meanwhile, cloud construction management software includes specific advantages for your industry. Let’s have a look at them: 

Tracking Resources and Managing Delays 

In the construction industry, one of the key factors leading to successful projects is the ability to effectively manage people, subcontractors, equipment, materials, etc. With this construction specific software, you can easily have control over resource management and track the usage of all tools & equipment.  

When data, such as project issues, RFIs, resource questions, contract disputes, etc. is shared through cloud construction management software, the costly delays can be significantly reduced or even eliminated. 

Streamlined Collaboration and Constant Availability 

Using a single platform, construction management software unites field and office teams. Everyone can constantly access, use, and distribute valuable information at any time via the internet from their laptop, tablet, phone, or other devices. Being seamlessly synchronized, this flow of data leads to excellent collaboration among office & field workers, vendors, and subcontractors. Also, it enhances overall project visibility, which means project managers are no longer operating in a disconnected manner.

Finding the Right Cloud Construction Management Solution 

A cloud construction management solution can bring many valuable benefits to any construction business. However, it is important to spend some time finding the right solution that will suit your needs. There are some questions you may have: 

❓  Does the industry-specific ERP help increase productivity?

❓  Does it provide comprehensive cost accounting, project management, and business management features? 

❓  Will it safeguard financial and network security? 

The answers to these questions will assist you in choosing the suitable cloud software for your business. In order to become more competitive among construction firms, it is crucial to do diligent research and explore which features you need the most in your software. 

How Ujimatec can help: 

Ujimatec’s software is built for construction by construction. Having experience in the field, we know this industry inside out and can propose a product that meets your specific needs. After discussing which problems you are trying to solve with your ERP, and after discussing which features are important for you in your ERP solution, our specialists will assist you with choosing the right cloud construction management software suitable for your business. 

Do not hesitate to contact us today! We are looking forward to helping fuel your growth!

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